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Booking form

Holiday Rentals in Girona Coast 2009

Please complete with your booking details. All boxes have to be completed.

Name/ nombre:
Email Address/direccion correo electronico:
Which property are you booking? Que piso o casa reservas?
What are your dates? Que son las fechas?
What is your group? Cuas es tu grupo? Family/Familia
Group of adults/grupo de adultos
Group of friends/grupo de amigos/as
What is the total cost of the rental? Cuanto cuesta el alquiler en total?
How much are you paying (or have paid) as deposit? Cuanto pagas o has pagado como fianza?
Please explain as much as possible about your arrival and departure details (by car, flight times, airport etc.). Por favor explica tanto que puedes sobre horas y metodo de la llegada y salida.
Please check the box to agree that you understand we supply all bedlinen but not towels. Por favor haga clik en la casilla para indicar que sabes que nosotros suministramos toda la ropa de cama pero no las toallas. Yes I understand/Si que intiendo

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